My clients keep sending me cuter and cuter photos of their pets, I can hardly stand it! Meet Pilot. How can he not make you smile?

Pilot complete



Torre and Lewis

You’d never know it, but these adorable corgis were composed from 2 separate photos. Smiling pups in a field of poppy pods at dusk=happiness x infinity.



What a character and a delight to paint.

Desmo complete

Desmo detail

This is my first pet portrait to be offered at the larger 16″ X 20″ size. It is a wonderful option for those who really want their portrait to pack a punch!

Holiday Gift Certificates.

It’s not too late to purchase a pet portrait for a loved one for the holidays! Order soon  and I will send out a gift certificate in one of my “Happy Holiday” cards to arrive before Christmas!

Xmas gift Card

To order, email me at martha.perkins@gmail.com and I’ll get back to you right away. Each pet portrait is $250, by check or Paypal. Makes a great family gift!

Wishing you and your furry friends a very peaceful holiday season.